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  • Watches

    Watches with Clock mechanism Quartz glass of "Handmade Murrina". Worked with the technique of glass fusion, contains within it the precious "murrinas and Millefiori " who are the protagonists. Gift Wrapping Available and include the certify od authenticy 100% Murano Glass.

  • Murrina Pendants

    Murrina Pendant Sterling Silver 925/000 rim and clasp, 10 mm in diameter, entirely handmade by Murano master glass-makers. Made of Sterling Silver 925/000 and available in the colours: Gold-plated or Silver. Price includes Box ( cm 50x50 ) Murrina Pendant and Certificate Murano Glass. (chain not included) ( As our products are entirely handmade, their compositions, shapes, colours and dimensions can vary slightly ) Murrine Millefiori Pendants - Be careful ! These pictures have been taken of a Murrina 32 mm in diameter ; because of the difficulty in realizing this handmade product, shape, design and colours can vary slightly on the basis of its measures. Murrina Pendants | Venetian Glass Mosaic , pendants classic Venetian Murano Store manufactures and sells pendants Murrina worked with the " mosaic technique murrine " , creating unique effects of colorful wildflowers . Enjoy the entire collection of pendants millefiori murrine glass from Murano. mosaic pendants , pendants murrine , millefiori pendants , pendants Venetian glass pendants , lampwork pendants

  • Murano Glass Bracelets

    Murano glass bracelets with quality materials, produced in the heart of Venice. We offer a variety of Venetian Glass Jewelry and Murano Glass Bead Bracelets designs, colors, and finishes using only the highest quality Venetian Beads available. Murano, the cradle of the ancient art of Venetian glass beads. Glass Bracelets with beads in gold and silver leafs, submerged glass and precious frames for these Murano glass Bracelets.

  • Murano Glass Necklaces

    Murano Store produce and wholesale Murano Glass Necklaces with high quality materials, produced using handcrafts lampwork techniques such as the colorful murrinas, the inserts in gold and silver leafs, the murano glass colours reflections submerged in to the Crystal Glass, the beads with "Avventurina", the millefiori beads. We can customize the glass necklaces with Pandora beads and others particular type of necklaces to the base of customers indications, fashion or strange style design you have in mind.

  • Pendants

    Murano Store manufactures and sells Murano Glass Pendants with high-quality materials, produced using traditional handcrafts techniques. Pendants handmade ​​with the addition of "murrines", colored inserts in gold leaf and silver, the precious "aventurines" submerged in the crystal glass, special pendents designs. We can customize glass pendants on the basis of specific indications from customers following the fashion or design you have in mind.

  • Earrings

    Murano Store manufactures and sells Murano glass earrings with high quality materials, produced using traditional techniques by hand. Earrings made with materials such as the "murrine" colored inserts in gold leaf and silver, the precious aventurine submerged in the crystal, special colors typical of Murano glass.

  • Cufflinks

    The Glass Cufflinks, though small objects, contribute in a decisive way, to complete the picture of the person. Our MuranoGlass Cufflinks are ideal to use as cuffs in conjunction with the shirts. Various colors and finishes, with inserts of precious gold or silver leaf. On request, we can mark the cuffs in enamel with the coats of arms of various clubs and sports associations.

  • Murano Glass Rings

    murano glass rings. Products in the heart of Venice, Murano, the cradle of the ancient art of Venetian glass, here are the collections of Murano Glass Rings made ​​with precious materials such as glass and crystal leaves 24 carat gold and silver. Glass Rings with the "avventurina" and the murrinas submerged into the crystal.