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  • Animals

    Murano glass animals such as turtles, swans, dolphins, cats, dogs, elephants, owls, slugs, snails, ducks, fish ball manufactured in a traditional way by hand. The achievements thus become collector's items, gift and awards.

  • Candies

    Murano glass candies mouth-blown and hand-finished with inserts in gold or silver leaf.

  • Candle Holders

    "Lies", candle holders, candlesticks, candelabra, in blown Murano glass hand-forged with the technique of light and blown by the best masters of Murano glass.

  • Flowers

    Flowers Murano glass

    Flowers Murano glass table, potted flowers, floral arrangements and bouquets, flowers for wedding favors for your wedding. Orchids, dahlias, Wisteria, lilies, bougainvillea fill your decor. Choose a composition centerpiece, a bouquet of flowers potted for your furniture, or mini flowers as a placeholder. Elegance, quality and refinement, certificates from our factory handmade Murano.

  • Fruits

    Grapes and Fruit Murano glass finished and embellished with silk of the same color of the grapes, inserts, gold or silver leaf for your favors.

  • Blown Gifts

    Gifts in blown crystal glass, lift glass, ornamental baskets, jars handkerchief, cups, vases, jewelry boxes, ampoules with trio of flowers in Murano glass. Ideal gift for your entertainment or as decorative directly by master glassmakers of Murano.

  • Plates, Saucers

    Glass plates, saucers, bowls, laying ash trays, door incense, Trays, Bowls with murrine made ​​of Murano glass fusion with precious inserts in gold or silver foil, millefiori canes and colored aventurine.

  • Stainsteel Stoppers

    Murano glass bottle stopper with stainsteel. The manufacturing process of glass are made in light or fusing with precious inserts of gold leaf, silver or "murrine". Original caps, elegant and refined for your collection bottles for your wedding favors, party, parties, birthdays or special gifts.

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Our entire range of wedding favors glass for your ceremony: Animals, Candy, flowers, fruit, bunches and bunches of grapes, glass stoppers and steel plates, lies and candlesticks, blown Murano glass. Discover the categories wedding favors for wedding which are for you. Each product is fully customizable upon request. The quotes are completely free. Quantity discounts for buying items online.