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  • Classic chandeliers

    From light to your environment. Our production of chandeliers in Murano glass is the result of a set of elements and meticulous work carried out by hand by the finest Murano glass masters. Among our collections you will find a wide range of table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, suspension for the classic decor, unique style, made in italy.

  • Contemporary Style

    The elegance of the profiles, the clean lines, the simplicity of interpretation of the early twentieth century, again, in these Murano glass chandeliers rethought and made present in the new finishes, in full color, in the best ability to furnish and attract the gaze, in sign of a unique style of artistic Murano glass.

  • Venetian style

    Chandeliers that reflect the motifs of the Venetian tradition with designs and traditional lines in leaves and flowers and decorations and embroidery on the cups with drops and pendants to complete a piece unique and special, authentic and original Venetian style to your home decor class.

  • Cà Rezzonico style

    The unmistakable style that stems from the first specimen of chandelier in Murano glass made for Palazzo Rezzonico in Venice: an elaborate sequence of elements which engage in a grand flourish of crystals and transparent petals and precious, strictly in the sign of artistic Murano glass.

  • Polychrome LED lights

    The inclusion of LED tubes that make up the chandelier in Murano glass allows unusual plays of light, enhances the transparency, enhances the colors and atmospheres: the technology enhances the splendor of tradition, all strictly in the sign of artistic Murano glass.

  • Specials Multi-stage

    A section dedicated to special multi chandeliers floor with inserts and precious decorations, various lamps and complex plots of glass or crystal drops, rings, pendants, Swarovski and delicate details with a color content that gives it special qualities of clarity and majesty. Products that can be personalized on request of customer needs, products and certified by our artist workshops of Murano.

  • Design Chandeliers

    Items of furniture such as lamps and chandeliers design of their own as they have a value of merit compared to other electrical components functional. Light for your home decor, lighting that will create an atmosphere of design, visual impact for your environment, in the unmistakable style of artistic Murano glass.

  • Modern Chandeliers

    The tradition of Murano glass chandeliers with arms processed one by one by hand by the master glassmaker and its square reinterpreted in a modern key with the purity of the crystal or effect colors to decorate the toughest environments with taste and refinement.

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A matter of style

Colorful Glass Chandeliers and plush enrich your lighting Give life to your rooms with our lamps and murano glass chandeliers, synonymous with elegance, beauty, taste and unparalleled quality. Take a look and an elegant charm to your decor by choosing these precious items for interior directly from our online catalog. Only a Murano chandelier is unique in its kind. Checkout the various sections of Glass Chandeliers styles.

Why choose a Murano Glass chandelier ?

Why give light to your decor, have shapes and colors able to decide the atmosphere of a room which has a living room, a dining room, a lounge, a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom. Because it has a value that acquires over time. When you buy a glass chandelier buy one piece of quality. You can buy a glass chandelier wherever you are in New York, Miami, London, Los Angeles, Canada, Usa, and a online consulent help you to find the model you choice and follow you on the post sell service. Take a ride to the shops of your city in Vancouver, Montreal, Tornto, Chicago, Boston, Canada, Usa, Japan, Tokyo. Take a cue in brand shops such as La Murrina chandelier, Artemide, Foscarini, Leucos, Fabbian, De Majo, Mazzuccato, then come with us and discount buying in our store.