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A venetian chandelier, synonymous of beauty and elegance! From many years venetian island and its glasses fascinates the world. Venetian style is somptuosity without comparisons. Centuries of art for a only original craftsman ship murano glass chandelier is a precious piece in its kind. Past, present and future, this is a mix inside any venetian chandelier, specifically designed for your modern, classic or luxury home decor or simply for your contemporary interior leaving design. The romance of Venice for a Great quality piece to your home! Italian chandeliers for your interior design! Can you imagine a sumptuous dining room or an elegant hall or another special room with a luxury venetian chandelier? simply the best! visit now the entire murano glass chandelier section.

Murano Glass Chandeliers, Wall, Table, Floor Lamps, Sconces

Glass Chandeliers, Lamps, Ceiling and suspension light systems from Venice

Why do you buy a murano glass chandelier in our shop? Because you buy a precious one directly from our furnace blown factory of venetian island, without any wholesaler, retailer or large distributor intermediates. Because we have many years of experience in production, selection and sell these type of products. Have you a special light project to develope? a grand hotel hall to furnish with a precious one? a particular light project for your company? are you an archtiect, or interior designer and have an original piece to commit us from your customers? Our staff study, design and create special lightings for you with all support you have need.